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New! Caliber DWR App - Getting Started





Caliber's new Daily Work Record App is completely FREE for all Caliber members. This guide will help you get started on the App. Use the links below to navigate through our guide.

If you've already set up your app, you can visit DWR.CaliberQA.com from any device to access it.

If you need help at any point please contact our support team.



Caliber DWR App Startup Guide


Startup Guide for Contractors

  1. What is a Company Login?
  2. Setting up Your Company Login
  3. Adding or updating installers

Startup Guide for Installers

  1. Accessing the App
  2. Using the Digital Daily Work Record
  3. Using your DWR archive



Startup Guide for Contractors


What is a Company Login?

The Caliber DWR App has two types of logins: Company Login and Installer Login.

The company login allows owners and administrators to access all records and controls, while the installer logins allow sprayers to submit their records in a quick and easy manner.

Company logins can:

  1. View, print, and email all installer records
  2. Approve installer records, if required
  3. Add or remove manufacturers
  4. Search and filter all installer records
  5. Submit a DWR via the digital form
  6. Upload a scanned paper DWR

Installer Logins can:

  1. View, print, and email their records
  2. Submit a DWR via the digital form


Setting Up Your Company Login

1. Go to DWR.CaliberQA.com 

2. Enter the email address associated with your company. Please note this MUST be the email address tied to your Caliber QAP account. If you wish to change your email address, contact us at DNC@PnyvoreDN.pbz

3. Click "Contractor Login/Setup"

4. The system will send you an email with a verification link.

5. Open the email and click the link.

6. Enter a new password for your account.

7. Click the checkbox beside each manufacturer whose product you work with. Then click submit.

8. Create your installer logins.


Adding or Updating Your Installer(s)

In most cases, your installers will be pre-filled based on your Caliber QAP profile. If any installers are missing, you can add them to your profile.

  1. Under "Active Installers, "Click "Add/Update All Installers"
  2. In the bottom left corner, press "Add Installer" and enter their information, including their Card Number. Any installer marked "Reqs. Review" needs to have their DWR approved by the Company Login before it is finalized. 
  3. Click"Submit Changes"

What is "Reqs. Review?"

Any installer marked "Reqs. Review" needs to have their DWR approved by the Company Login before it is finalized. The Company Login can make adjustments to that installer's DWR before it is finalized. We recommend this feature for any new installers who might not be familiar with the Daily Work Record.




Startup Guide for Installers



Accessing the App

You can access the app from any device with a web browser by going to DWR.CaliberQA.com.

As an installer, your company administrator or owner will have to register your login before you begin. Once they have done that, they will either contact you with your username and password or have the system send you an email with login instructions.

Please note you will need Wifi or Data connection in order to access the app and submit a Daily Work Record. If you won't have a network connection on site, you can load the Digital Daily Work Record form in advance, fill in the details without submitting, and submit your DWR once your device is re-connected.


 Using the Digital Daily Work Record Form


Using your DWR archive




Support Team


If you need any help with the app, please contact our support team.

Phone: 1-888-572-7435

Text SMS: (647) 725-7747

Email: DNC@PnyvoreDN.pbz