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Who is a Certified Installer?

A certified SPF installer is as the individual who is trained, knowledge and competent to install SPF in conformance with good practice and the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. The SPF certified installer has a direct impact on the level of quality of the installed product and must comply with the standards set forth by the Caliber QAP, the manufacturer guidelines along with CAN/ULC S705.2. 

For full details on the Caliber QAP Installer Certification for Spray Foam Polyurethane (SPF), read the QAP Handbook (.pdf 809KB).

Pre-requisites for Certification:

Individuals who want to receive certification are required to attend a training program offered by product manufacturer, successfully pass a written and practical evaluation and work under an approved contracting company.

Certification Process:

To begin the application process, the first step is to register with the Caliber QAP. Candidates must successfully complete an in-class training course and pass a written examination. In order to complete the certification process, candidates must successfully pass the the Caliber QAP practical evaluation within 6 months of completing the training course and written examination.

Once the candidate has passed both the written exam and practical evaluation, they will be issued an installer certification card showing their photo / certification number and the expiry date of the card. Installer certification cards must be renewed on an annual basis.

The certification process is modified if you hold an existing SPF certification from another manufacturer or certification body.

To find upcoming  manufacturer offered training course dates and locations, please check the Events Calendar.