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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I register for training course?

You can contact the manufacturer directly to register for the next available training course.

Q2. How do I register for practical evaluation?

To schedule a practical evaluation with the Caliber QAP directly, contact us at 1-888-5-QAP-HELP (1-888-572-7435) or through our online portal qap.caliberqa.com.

Q3. What is the purpose of the practical evaluation?

The evaluation is intended to assess the installers knowledge and ability to apply, in a practical way, the information presented in the classroom and will include but will not necessarily be limited to; knowledge of administrative requirements, health and safety including fire safety, environmental requirements including spill handling, quality assurance testing requirements and foam application techniques.

Q4. Where can I take the written exam?

During the a manufacturer held training course

Q5. Does Caliber offer courses to pass examinations?

No. However training is available through product manufacturers.

Q6. How often can I take the written exam?

You may take the written exam as many times as needed until you pass the exam. You must wait 10 days between each time you take the written exam.

Q7. What happens if I fail my written exam?

If you fail the written exam you may attend the next scheduled training course, subject to the manufacturer requirements, and retake the written exam at no cost. Please note that retaking the practical evaluation is not free of charge.

Q8. Can I get a copy of my results mailed to me?

Yes, your exam results can be emailed to you.

Q9. Are the examinations open book?

The exam is closed book.

Q10. How long are the written examinations?

The time allotted for the written examination is 1 hours.

Q11. What type of format will the examination questions be in?

Exam questions are in multiple-choice, with one answer or more on each question scored as correct.

Q12. What is considered a passing score?

The passing mark for the writing examination is 62 % and practical evaluation is 75%.

Q13. What language is the exam available in?

The exam is only available in English or French.

Q14. What is the cancellation policy for the exam?

The Caliber QAP operates a strict 48 hours cancellation policy. If the evaluation is cancelled for any reason after 48 hours the installer would be required to pay for the evaluation in full and reschedule the evaluation.